Friday, June 10, 2011

A paragraph born of boredom and dreams...

I have now decided to start some new hobbies and bring back some old.  I feel my life is unproductive and I wish to make something of myself in the animal,photography and or art world.  This however is a grand endeavor  because not one but all of these professions are desirable to many people.  There for the careers that you may attain in these fields are one of two things (1) they do not pay well (2) they are very hard to acquire.  However I feel and have always felt that living life the way you want,being happy and enjoying your career is much more rewarding than having a great deal of money.  I also believe that if something requires a lot of effort it is much more satisfying once obtained.  So I have come to the conclusion that it is indeed worth it to pursue these types of careers.  I have decided to start working towards these paths by using my paint/sketch kits daily,reading "Photography for Dummies",practicing by taking pictures of my pets and my yard (I live on a mountain so my "yard" is perfect for nature photography) and of course I wish to volunteer at a local animal shelter.  I hope that in a few years all of this will help me determine what exactly I want to do with my life so that I may be happy,feel fulfilled and make a difference in this world.