Friday, June 17, 2011

Busch Gardens!!

My sister Danielle took me on a two day trip to Busch Gardens from Tuesday night to Thursday.It was the most fun I've had EVER! I became a roller coaster junkie (like Dani) and rode all five roller coasters twice, except Apolo's Chariot which Danielle and I rode four times. We also went to "Water Country U.S.A." on the first day and it was pretty fun. We went on a few big slides in two person rafts and I was terrified that I was going to fall out an die! We also saw an Irish dance show about a wedding,an animal show with wolves in it and "Europe in the Air" which was the replacement for "Corkscrew Hill" ( I was quite sad they replaced it). Dani and I got tons of awesome souvenirs  and food like dippin' dots and banana split Ice cream cones from "London Dairy" that were just the most amazing ice cream cones. Oh and  how could I forget "Darkastle" the haunted castle ride that completely freaked me out!It was so much fun hanging out with Danielle cause I don't get to a lot and it was pretty much the best vacation I've ever been on. :)