Sunday, July 31, 2011

What is Your Native American Totem...

                                                                    Shocking isn't it?

Rose Wolf

Friday, July 15, 2011

Native American Museum..

My mom,sister and I visited "The Native American History Museum" in North Carolina on our trip to the beach last week.It was smaller than I expected but it was full of tons of really cool stuff such as Native American drums,tools,pottery,weapons,paintings,dolls,jewelry etc.The gift shop is pretty awesome also.It had a lot of books and jewelry.I got a coffee mug painted with a wolf,drum and feathers on it.I found out that they or "we" don't like being called Indians(A bunch of the stuff that originally said "Indian American" was crossed out to say "Native American")...I'll have to remember that sense I'm one of them!!If you're interested in Native American culture and you're ever in NC then you should deffinately stop buy the musuem.I'll have pictures up from the trip soon.

Dolphin and Tiger cub...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It's time for..."What the heck is that!"

The is a Thylacine also known as "Tasmanian Tiger" or "Tasmanian Wolf" (Though not closely related to either).Extinct in 1932 when the last 2 thylacine that were in a zoo somewhere were neglected by some dumb BUTT zoo keeper (made an entire species go extinct.Good job.)The thylacine is (or was) the only carniorious marsupial.It also stood on it's hind legs and used it's tail to jump like a kangaroo.I think that's pretty awesome.Too bad they're extinct.

Looking for a new layout...

I found one for Fishy Blog!! Just stumbled upon it and figured I share it. Fish layout

I'm taking up scrap booking...

So I went to Micheal's (Arts and Crafts) with my Sister Dani today and she bought me a a scrap book kit.Danielle started one awhile ago and I thought it looked pretty fun and you all know how sentimental I am...haha.I'm also considering learning cross stitching!I might as well call my my blog "The animal obsessed old lady blog!".Oh well,this should be fun.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Teresa Furtado,you would love this game.

You get to see and interact with hundreds of kinds of sea life..HUNDREDS of fishies!!and it might look like  it's lame to most people but it's reviews are awesome.I'm getting it. Call me a dork if you want! :P
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