Monday, October 24, 2011

The Clarks always make my day!! !

"You're on speaker now so don't say anything personal!"-Brigid
"Hi Annemarie!"-Sophia
"Hi Sophie,  are you gunna be a princess for Halloween?"
"Are you ever gone be anything else?"-Me
"No.. I think I'll just always be a princess.."-Sophie
"So are you going to go trick or treating with the Grajedas?" -Me
"Yeah.. but you used to come trick or treating with me but then you and Rosie and Brigid went by yourselves!" -Sophia
"Yeah..cause we got old"-Me
"You got candy last time and Rosie and Brigid had tiny bags.."-Sophia
"Yeah I got like one peice"-Me
"One piece!!!?"-Sophia
"Yeah..but I'm just gunna buy candy this year"-Me
"Buy candy? Why would you buy candy? Oh I have to go Annemarie!"-Sophia
"( Sophia's shrill little Screams and Brigid yelling "Give me the phone!!" in the backround)" XD

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