Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Tale of Jeffy...

                                          This is what he looks liked..

Tonight I let my dog (Bosco) and my sisters dog (Jake) out of the house to run around and play as usually...but then I heard a disturbing noise. The noise of animals fighting and being attacked,the sound of an animal in pain. I looked out the window to witness a tiny baby raccoon laying in the driveway being bit and grabbed by the two dogs! My sister and I rushed out to get the dogs inside.We discussed what to do and decided I would get a towel to pick it up and she would go look up "how to rescue a baby raccoon".The baby raccoon was still moving it's mouth and blinking with it's cute little innocent eyes when I left to get a towel. By the time I came back the baby raccoon was lifeless on the driveway.We then had to throw him away like a piece of trash so the dogs wouldn't get to his body. You might think I'm being dramatic  and "it's just an animal" but this was the saddest thing!! It was just a little baby..and yes I cried. This makes me want to dedicate my life to rescuing animals even more.I wrote this in memory of Jeffy...a baby raccoon that barely got to live.

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