Friday, July 15, 2011

Native American Museum..

My mom,sister and I visited "The Native American History Museum" in North Carolina on our trip to the beach last week.It was smaller than I expected but it was full of tons of really cool stuff such as Native American drums,tools,pottery,weapons,paintings,dolls,jewelry etc.The gift shop is pretty awesome also.It had a lot of books and jewelry.I got a coffee mug painted with a wolf,drum and feathers on it.I found out that they or "we" don't like being called Indians(A bunch of the stuff that originally said "Indian American" was crossed out to say "Native American")...I'll have to remember that sense I'm one of them!!If you're interested in Native American culture and you're ever in NC then you should deffinately stop buy the musuem.I'll have pictures up from the trip soon.

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